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Surveil Systems Incorporated identifies sales opportunities, assembles a team, and wins business. This is accomplished by identifying appropriate technologies and companies to create a best of breed solution.

The process continues by finding sales opportunities then working the sales process to success. Surveil has been contracted to work with the largest technology providers to small minority owned small businesses to build both Surveil’s success as well as the success of their partners.

The company was incorporated in 2004 to help companies “Win the Big Deals” and to date is responsible for the billing of over 55 million dollars in revenue. The company aligns itself with sales management as a player/coach, assists in building a Win Plan, Executing the plan, and closing large opportunities. The company works in Commercial and Federal Government markets.

Surveil Systems has developed the ability to peek around the corner to see opportunities. The company gains understanding of company’s products and technology leading towards identifying opportunities directly with the end user, OEM or team arrangements. The company utilizes these extensive relationships with potential customers and companies to marry a winning approach to wining business. The company continues it’s involvement throughout the sale process, the winning negotiation, and for the life of the contract. Surveil’s mission is simple … put customers in a position to win and grow business.



Surveil Systems works with a select number of clientele. If you would like to explore the possibilities, please contact Jim Wells at jwells@survielsystems.com The Company is located in Reston, Virginia


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They are headquartered in the Netherlands with offices in the UK and US.

Surveil Systems acts as the advisor to the US concentrating on partner development and business development.

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